My True Spanking / Caning Story

10 07 2013

A Well Caned Husband Kindle


WARNING: This book is for ADULTS ONLY! My story contains detailed accounts of canings, spankings with a plimsoll, BDSM and explicit sexual content. It is not suitable reading for anyone under 18 years of age.

Hello I am James and this is my true story of how I came home from work one day to find that my wife had bought a gym vaulting horse, from that moment my life was to change and I now spend much of my spare time secured over the gym horse being mercilessly thrashed by my wife.

As time goes by my wife has more and more surprises for me and every day as I arrive home from work, I do not know whether I am going to be spending a quiet night in front of the television or if I am going to be spending my evening stretched out across the vaulting horse being caned, slippered or birched again by my cruel wife.

“I hear Tamsin walk over to the chest of drawers and I then watch her stand the long cane up against the wall, she then walks around behind me and I feel her long fingers reach around to the front of my football shorts to undo the lace, she struggles for a while because I am tied so tightly across the horse, but eventually the bow is undone and I then feel her pulling my shorts down until they are around my knees. My poor bare buttocks now feel totally exposed and vulnerable to this crazy woman with her cruel cane. I really cannot take 6 more strokes at such a force.”

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